Wanted 06-07 low mileahe 100/LX470

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As far as The Unicron (2007 Land Cruiser VX model no NAV w/127K miles) that I'm now starting work on. It's going to be a very big project and will take a long time to finish. I'll be wanted to put a lot test miles on it.;)

It also will take a lot $$ for me to let go.
If you're still looking, I have a 150k 2005 LC. If interested at all let me know.
Always looking.
Is it the VVti made may -June 2005 (They have black plastic intake manifold)?
How much are you asking?
I don't think so on the VVti. I feel dumb not knowing that. Asking 18,000. In Arkansas.
I also have the original running boards and all, just took them off because I liked this look better.
No...I’ve had it almost 3 years. I was at the dealership getting the windshield gasket repaired.

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