Wanted 06-07 LC or LX470

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United States
I'm looking for another 100 series, 2006-2007 with less than 150k miles. This will be my fourth LC, I've had a '96 80, an '06 100, and am currently driving a '13 200. If I find the right 100, I'll likely post the '13 200 on the forum in the near future (61k miles). Because I know I'll be asked, I'm considering dropping the 200 for a 100 because I'm purchasing a second car but still want to have the utility around if it's needed.

I'm located in SC but am willing to travel within the Southeast.

The 100 will need to be a southern truck with great service history.

Thanks, everyone. This forum has been a great resource for enthusiasts like myself.
What are the details of the 13 you're looking to sell?
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I have a 2005 with 150k with great history if you're interested and haven't found anything yet.

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