05 LX tensioner pulley are different sizes?

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Feb 19, 2012
I ordered a new tensioner pulley from Toyota. Looks like the new pulley is smaller? Would that make a difference. I was just gonna swapped the pulleys cause doing the whole tensioner gonna definitely take awhile. Is it possible to just swap them out? Bearing is shot on the old one. Thanks

When ordering it had 2 listed? Idler A from 08/02 -11/04? Then Ider B from 08/02- my guess the present? My model year is 10/04. Damn it just take forever to get parts from Lexuspartsnow.com
I use Lexuspartsnow for part compatibility because they use cookies and I don't have to reenter my model/year info like a lot of the other Toyota parts sites, but I don't order from them.
Completely answer my own question lol. Uber to advance auto and grab another for $20. I needed a 4". The one I have is 3-1/2" and was rubbing. I'll reorder and swap out for the OE. Now on to see why my FJ62 not starting lol. Thanks

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