05 cruiser parting out in North Bend

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May 26, 2007
Seattle, WA
hey guys, so i've been talking with this iffy guy in North Bend thats parting out an 05 cruiser. I'm already picking up some parts from him tomorrow, so if anyone needs anything, i'll try and snap a few pics of everything he has. He says everything is up for grabs though...
Looks like pretty much everything is still there. He said someone was coming to pull the engine tomorrow, but everything from the front bumper to rear rumper are still there. Everything under the body also appears to be intact. I kinda called dibs on the wheels, but everythihng else is there. Nav is there too. Some parts are damaged, and all body parts appear to still be there including all seats. The guys roommate really really wants everything gone asap, so...I don't think I should post their phone numbers, but pm me if you want it.

sorry for the bad cell phone pics, but...





How are his prices?

he wants everything gone last week... ;) He seems like he doesn't really know pricing on some parts, but he just assumes its expensive, but I think hes just trying to get anything he can right now.

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