'04 Tacoma Silver Steel Wheels 16x7

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Sep 21, 2005
So. California
United States
These are take-offs. Nearly new. Inlclude centers and lugnuts. $100 for 4. Don't care to ship but I will if you pay cost. Will deliver in or near L.A. Ca. PM for pics, will try to post later.
Do they fit the FZJ80? I might be interested since I am in LA quite often.
I'll check to see if they'll fit. I can only compare to the stock wheels from my '80 for backspacing.

The steel wheels on the '80 (very rare) were 16x8. These are 16x7. However if backspacing is the same, I think they'd fit. The centers likely won't fit as the Tacoma didn't have full floaters and the '80 does. The bolt pattern and center diameter should be the same.
Here are some pics

These are in very good condition and include all lugnuts and centers. 16x7 6 lug
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I'm interested. PM'd you.

Mike S
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Alright, here's some pics from today. I fit them to the rear of the 95 '80 and they fit just fine. Both the OEM alloy wheels and these 16x7's have 4.5 inch backspacing, the steel wheels are just 1" narrower from the outside to the mounting surface of the brake.

There's no interference with anything, brakes and all. I expected this but wouldn't feel right about it unless I actually checked it. See photos. The first pic is the wheel mounted against the rotor, plenty of room to the wheel cylinder. The second photo is the 16x7 wheel next to the OE alloy wheel lined up at the front edge.

Any interest? Dan.
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Dan thanks for checking. I'm interested but too far for a pickup so can you give a ballpark on shipping to 66609. thanks,

Steel Wheels - buyer backed out, still for sale

These are still available. Price hasn't changed, these are nearly new rims with all the jewelry. I will ship if I have to, will personally deliver to So. Ca. locations.

If someone with an 80 buys these,
Please post up pictures once they are mounted with tires and put on the truck.
Does anyone know if these will fit an HJ61?
I bought these about 4 weeks ago and havn't had a chance to mount 'em up yet. I'm pretty sure they'd hit the steering arm on the '60. I'll try to test fit them on my '60 and post up results.


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