'04 Sequoia trans temp gauge install

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Oct 16, 2015
Anyone here installed a temp gauge on there transmission? I cant seem to locate much information on this. I see there is an Auto Trans idiot light on the dash so I am assuming I should be able to tap into the sending unit. Just wanted to see if anyone has done this on a Sequoia or Tundra? My sequoia has a trans cooler, I do tow a 6000 lb trailer so I wanted to see what the trans temp gets up to. Have never triggered the idiot light but want some better info on temp when towing.
I installed a Scangauge on my 2001 Tundra so I could access that data through the truck's computer. The scanguage II doesn't have the Transmission Temp set as one of the default gauges but an internet search located the correct codes to enter, now I have Trans Temp.
I'm running about 145 degrees on highway, nothing in tow. But Highway with a 3K trailer is usually 165. Highest I've seen is 212 on a long slow climb on a local road/hill with trailer on a really hot day. This seemed the fastest way to get the trans temp I wanted plus I know have instant mpg, average mpg, and a ton of other gauges.
I ended up installing autometer trans temp gauge. I ran a "T" into the line right before it enters the trans cooler in radiator, this is the hottest temperature reading. Probably higher temp reading than it would be in the pan. The only trick was I had to run a ground wire off the brass "T" because the sending unit was not grounded. I also added a 9" cooling fan to the trans cooler on a toggle switch to add some more airflow when towing. I tow a 6,000 lb boat with my sequoia so it is near its limits. I have not seen the temps since I installed the coolng fan yesterday but prior I was running 150 around town, 180 towing on flat land and 220 pulling a steep grade. I believe the added fan will help even more and drop temps down. Will report back after I see the difference in temps with the new cooling fan.

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