03+ Off the shelf tablet mount

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Oct 24, 2014
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a good rigid mount for an 8" tablet to put in my 03 LX. I looked through the big tablet mount thread here and on ExPo but looks like most folks are putting theirs lower down on the center console. I'd like to get something that puts it directly or partially over the OEM touchscreen and can be tilted up if needed for radio/climate control adjustments.

I really like @RobRed 's iPad mount:
iPad Overland Navigation System Primer
but looks like he cobbled his together from various parts plus the 03+ dash has a significant curve to it which limits the size of the adhesive pad or suction cup.

Any ideas or experience with off the shelf mounts is greatly appreciated!
Thanks. What are you using on the dash to thread that into? Photo would be nice too..
RamMount with extension and two pivot points, though it still covers the left side controls a bit...but can pre-set anyway you want.

Use a pad so the mount rests a bit on the dash and stabilizes it.
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.21.26 PM.png
Not currently installed, but somewhat like above coming off the windshield. I used the following components. Actually had it rigged on my LX 570, but let me set it up on the 470 late tomorrow and I'll post some photos. Dropping it down does cover some controls, but gives me better view through windshield, and I had an InReach mounted next to it and the phone below. So was getting busy... At least the 200 has lots of power/USB plugs.

Lots of ways to package the linkage, just depends on how much reach and adjustment you want/need.

Windshield mount from X-Grip Bundle --> Double Socket Arm (C-length) --> Double Ball Adapter --> Double Socket Arm (A or B length) --> X-Grip

Double Socket Arm (C Length) - RAM Long Double Socket Arm for 1" Balls<br>(Overall Length: 6") - RAM-B-201U-C | RAM Mounts
Double Ball Adapter - RAM 1" Double Ball Adapter Unpackaged - RAM-B-230U | RAM Mounts
Double Socket Arm (Medium) - RAM Double Socket Arm for 1" Balls<br>(Overall Length: 3.69") Unpackaged - RAM-B-201U | RAM Mounts
X-Grip iPad mount with Suction Cup - RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with Universal X-Grip® Cradle for 10" Large Tablets Unpackaged - RAM-B-166-UN9U | RAM Mounts

I also tried a clamp mount coming off the emergency brake handle. Actually worked pretty well, but really needs two points of contact to reduce vibration.

Here's something from my iPhone on the trip, I'll do a better closeup tomorrow...
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Thanks for the detailed reply and pics guys. I am really hoping to avoid suction cups on the windshield since they're apparently illegal in many states? For a truck that will travel all over the US it seems like a bad idea to intentionally use that type of Mount even though it has many advantages...
If you have or know of someone with fab skills I can highly recommend Joto mounts. I use Jotos head but fabricate my own post mount. Be running this set up for years on my 80 and recently the same set up my LX470. The ipad is held on with velcro and has proved to be an excellent set up for off road.

In passenger mode (see 3rd pic) there is no interference with the passenger and is wife approved.

Just FYI the RAM Mounts come with other mounts vs just the suction cup. They also have a longer Arm that might work between the seats. I'm a RAM mount fan as I use it in my LC my Syncro and my boat. I have around 4-5 different arm and holder combinations.
I work on this system for/with a friend for a long time, the Ipad is just a mediocre adaptation, is just much to low and far away, the arm was chosen to be used with does tiny computers and be mount it like a "Cop car" (he sold many to small police departments actually)

The "Arm" is a Manfrotto mono pot that can be adjusted with just one knob in the center in controls the to ball articulation at the ends and also hold the arms in whatever angle you want, very clever, extremely well made but is not cheap..

The cradle was all cut and bend, I never agree with the model specific cradles, the proof is that Ipad One's became obsolete pretty fast and he end up with a bunch of them, a spring loaded finger system will be far more flexible.. (I have made mounts/cockpits and for paris mostly for Paris Dakar rally bikes plus cars and trucks and tend to over engineer them, because the vibration and jumps of the dakar will destroy anything is not sub standard..

Oh boy I can tell you stories, Shadow, glare auto adjusters, eye angle followers, crazy s*** but also to heavy and complicated. KISS is good at such high speeds..

Later I show you my land cruiser mount for a Tab 4 (so I can run the Torque pro app, even if we are a ipad family..

Tip I was looking for a windows phone but they cost a ton of money so I start to look for tablets and I found a bunch where people change carriers and they did not need the table any more..

as a result I got a 8" almost new for $40 and to tell you the truth it works great (well the battery does drain pretty fast, running maps and the torque..
Homemade but works. JB welded steel plate to top of radio, dremel'd plastic surround and done. About an hour project at most and I'm happy with it.
That is really nice. Looks geat I liked the switch placement in the blank area that i use for my phone. The little amp with controls is a great idea as well. How does it hold up on the road and trail? Rattles or squeaks with all of that?

No issues. My LC gets used its not a mall cruiser. Moab, Death Valley, Mojave Road, East sierras no problems.
Keep it coming guys!! Great work. After extensive searching, I am slowly coming to the conclusion that a RIGID off-the-shelf mount that puts the tablet inside the driver's field of view (i.e. just in front of the OEM nav screen) is almost impossible to come by. Might have to cobble something up after all...
Sadly the mounts they sell in amazon are crap, cheap plastic, flumsy construction and way to "Hopeful" (Thinking than a 10" boom hold with a 4mm screw just under friccion will stay in place is ridiculous)

I got the mount just because the suction cup and the adjustable mount for the tablet.

Then I got a tiny $8 tripod (5" long or so fully compress and about 11" all the way extend it)

Today I'm making a mockup of the set up and so far it looks really hopeful.

I don't want to intrude into the field of vision of the windshield but I want to keep the screen as close to the center of the field of vision (Galaxy tab 4 8" to monitor for the Torque pro app)..

Is going to seat about where it is right now, but it will be adjustable...

More pictures later today when the glue sets..
The concept is stupid simple, For now I made the "Feet" out of plywood, if they work I made them out of Delrin (super easy to work, strong, black, holds the shiny after sanding great)

Two legs go on the long ventilation rail, the other to the suction cup.

As you can see the mount end up really close to the dash top, but without intruding with the steering wheel, hands or anything else.

Note: I do not like that the lower arms are touching the dash top so I need to figure out a pad surface/cover/sleeve, something.

Outside view.


The tripod lower legs are extended all the way and for reason they are staying extended (I think the side tension bow the tubes a little) but if I need to lock them in place I have a bunch of easton tent poles that I can made different size spacers, not as simple or elegant has making "Locks" for the legs (I just don't have the equipment/skills to make such little things with cam locks and lever to secure them tight) maybe I find something already made, I love repurposing..

Test ride, later today or tomorrow when the tires are back on polar Bear

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