02' TRD Taco wheels on an FJ40

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Jun 5, 2004
Lakewood, CO
I'm looking at purchasing new wheels and tires for either my FJ40 or my 02' Tacoma DC.

I thought about getting some Ivan Stewart TRD wheels for the FJ40 to give it a new look.

Does anyone know if these wheels (being identical in BS to the stock TRD Tacoma wheels) will fit on the FJ40?

I can throw some spacers on there....but I'd rather mount them without any.

Here's the wheels that I'm looking at:
wheel1 (562 x 422).jpg
The tire size is: 265/70 on 16" wheels.

I know the height is fine on the tires....just not sure about the wheels.

They'd look great on the Tacoma, and I could put the 5-spoke Star TRD wheels from the Taco on the FJ40....we'll have to see how that combo looks.

Here's some of the identical Tacoma wheel that I have (pic stolen from TTORA forum):
wheels (512 x 342).jpg

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