For Sale 02 LX470 Nav-delete Parts - ML Amp, Radio/nav/climate unit, GPS unit, sub, tweeters, more (1 Viewer)

Sep 15, 2019
Houston, TX
I recently did the "nav-delete" on my 2002 LX470 and am selling all of the parts that I removed. Some are already listed on eBay, other will be listed later. Most items are in good condition, but some of the speakers were damaged upon removal (foam ripped).

Link to some of the photos. Others on eBay links.
  • Mark Levinson amp SOLD
    • $350 (shipping included)
  • Navigation radio climate control touchscreen
    • $410 (shipping included)
    • eBay listing
    • There is a hole in the right side panel from Sirius XM mod. Could be used for a cell phone bracket. Discounted accordingly.
  • Navigation GPS unit (DVD still inside)
  • Center dash nav/radio trim bezel (walnut wood grain)
    • $225 (shipping included)
    • The previous owner has installed a cell phone mount through the right panel cover. The mount broke so I removed it and now there is just a hole there... There is probably another mount you could buy and it would be a really convenient phone location. Or just use it to feed cables through.
    • eBay listing
  • CD changer
    • $120 + shipping
    • Haven't removed this yet. Just putting it out there in case someone is interested.
  • Front tweeters
    • $40 for the pair (shipping included)
  • Rear speakers - damaged foam
    • $10 for both + shipping
    • Foam was new but I damaged it during the removal. Speakers work fine (18 years old though)
  • Subwoofer - ripped cone
    • $100 + shipping (may take me a minute to find a long enough box. Preferably local pick up. Houston, TX).
    • The foam is new, but the cone was ripped so it rattles. I ended up unplugging it. I saw some videos and it looks like you can try to fix it, but it isn't as simple as re-foaming it.
  • Front speaker - damaged foam - sold
    • $10 + shipping

Note: Do not buy from the eBay listings. Message me on here and I will give you 10% off (eBay fees). Unless you want the eBay/PayPal buyer protection, then go for it...

Let me know if you have any questions.

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