Wanted 01 4Runner parts needed

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Sep 23, 2003
United States
Hi... As the title says I'm looking for parts for my 01 4Runner.

I currently need liftgate hatch door parts, both the liftgate outer handle and interior guts, and the plastic surround (like the pic attached).

If someone is parting out a vehicle(1996-02), I have several of requests, but these are the most important.

If you have, what is your price plus shipping to 05403. Thanks.

I just bought a 99 and have been doing a few things to it. One thing I do know not all parts were the same on years/models. The plastic surround piece did not have 4Runner on all years. My 99 has chrome emblem on the tailgate that says 4Runner, plastic surround is just black plastic. Seen others driving around with the surround plastic with the chrome on it. Plenty of them still on the road here in AZ. So far haven't a issue finding a part except for a E-locker rear axle but haven't even really tried yet.
We can probably help you out with everything you will need for that. Send me an email adam@torfab.com with the complete list of everything and I will see what we can round up.

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