1. effjay80

    Free 94 ZJ80 bumpers

    Hello Horsetoothers. My great condition stock bumper set is now down in Golden at Slee and heading for the recycle bin shortly. If you need stock front and rear bumpers give Christo a call. They're free to a good or bad home.
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Distributor and smog parts for 1FZE from 94FJ80

    SoCal. Prices do not include shipping. Paypal OK Does NOT fit 3FE engine. All these parts are from a good running 94 that lost it's head gasket. Distributor with cap $85 Plug Wire set Smog Valves, etc. Please send me a picture of what you are looking for to Deathvalleypaul@yahoo.com OR...
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