xfer case

  1. leucadiacruiser

    SOLD  HF2AV Transfer case North County San Diego Pickup

    300K miles on this one out of my 1994 FZJ80. Both hi and low engaged, but no CDL light was coming on. On SD Trux recommendation, swapped it out for a used one rather than crack it open to rebuild. Pickup in Encinitas. Not shipping this beast. $100
  2. krs2fur

    CDL stuck - HELP!!!!

    Last weekend, I grenaded my T/C (91 FJ80). I got a good take out from a local guy that parts out FJ80's, but he kept the CDL motor, so I swapped mine over. Because I knew it was in a locked state when I pulled the old one out, I rolled the gear on the replacement T/C into the locked position...
  3. ntsaint

    XFer case to Speedo housing seal (leaks)

    Got a question...have had zero luck with this on two previous attempts. I have a leak between the transfer case and speedo housing. I have gotten a new speedo housing that's machined out and double oil sealed. But I can't make this connection seal up. Get a drip from the seam. Both...
  4. bryanb

    Please Help! - Can't shift into low range after crawler gear install

    Hey Guys, I just wrapped up my engine build and am trying to hit the trail tomorrow morning. I also just finished up the install of the 3.1:1 crawler gears. I followed the directions and everything seemed to go together smoothly. However, when I pull the transfer lever into Low Range, it...
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