xfer case

  1. krs2fur

    CDL stuck - HELP!!!!

    Last weekend, I grenaded my T/C (91 FJ80). I got a good take out from a local guy that parts out FJ80's, but he kept the CDL motor, so I swapped mine over. Because I knew it was in a locked state when I pulled the old one out, I rolled the gear on the replacement T/C into the locked position...
  2. ntsaint

    XFer case to Speedo housing seal (leaks)

    Got a question...have had zero luck with this on two previous attempts. I have a leak between the transfer case and speedo housing. I have gotten a new speedo housing that's machined out and double oil sealed. But I can't make this connection seal up. Get a drip from the seam. Both...
  3. bryanb

    Please Help! - Can't shift into low range after crawler gear install

    Hey Guys, I just wrapped up my engine build and am trying to hit the trail tomorrow morning. I also just finished up the install of the 3.1:1 crawler gears. I followed the directions and everything seemed to go together smoothly. However, when I pull the transfer lever into Low Range, it...
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