1. P

    H11 Low/Hi Beam Replacements for 2009- Anything decent out there?

    I have a new to me 2009 LC and have used the search feature. Goal is to get whiter and brighter with no major mods. Is there a plug and play set many are using for 2008-2011 models? Halogen- yes, you can get whiter halogens, but they are not as bright and don’t last as long - based on what I...
  2. Gxme200

    Xenon Bulbs to Leds

    Ηειιο all. Recently, I upgraded my land cruiser 2010 headlights to 2013 headlights. The one with Projector Low beams. I got into a problem of not having the OEM ballasts for the xenon bulbs. And the ones available are fairly expensive in my country. My question is, instead of using xenon...
  3. Christian

    Headlight options? Depo or other brand?

    Hi guys I've recently upgraded from a 1987HJ61 to a 2001 VX100. Since the front fenders and upper tailgate are rusty, I'm planning on replacing them, and give the truck a +2006 facelift at the same time. So regarding headlights I plan on getting something like the Depos, and add bi-xenon like...
  4. S

    For Sale  HID Xenon Headlights from RIHIDs, brand new never installed w facelift parts

    I bought a set of headlights customized with the projector xenon HIDs from RIHIDs.com. I have a 2005.5 model Land Cruiser, so I got the 06-07 grille and all hardware needed to complete the facelift with the one piece headlights. I got the facelift kit from cruiserparts.com. I paid close to...
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