1. B

    Amazon deal on Toyota WS ATF

    amazon has Toyota WS ATF as an add on item (qualifies for free prime shipping if order total is over $25) for $6.09 per quart right now. Not specifically 200 related but I thought that was a really good deal. With the high capacity transmission pan thread and the other thread with a walk through...
  2. Mixelplix

    ATF WS Fluid Change near Philly

    I had an appointment to get my WS fluid changed in my 07 LX470 at a nearby lexus dealership who assured me they could do it without issue (after speaking to another dealership who informed me that WS fluid wasn't intended to be changed, and wouldn't do it). Unfortunately they just called and...
  3. 2001LC

    Dexron III or Toyota WS ATF transmission fluid. What ATF are you using?

    It' my understanding the A750 5spd transmission was first introduced in the 2003 Land Cruiser/LX470 USA. In 2004 - 2007 dip stick was removed from this transmission. Was 2003 the first year Toyota WS ATF fluid was installed at factory? No Toyota T-IV in 03, 04 was first for WS. What ATF fluid...
  4. A

    Wrong ATF or a Paperwork Blunder?

    Hi All, I had a 60k mile service done at a local Lexus dealer on Sat, March 27. Today, going through paperwork, I noticed this: 4 00279-000T4-01 ATF T - IV QUART $30.00 My 2004 LX takes and always had WS ATF. I had positive experience with the dealer in past, and took the truck there, since I...
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