wire diagram

  1. TXBruiser

    SOLD  SOLD: DFW TX, 1978 FJ55 Wiring Diagram

    Original wire diagram for a 1978 FJ55. Could be used as a resource or as wall art. $shipped.
  2. Gatman

    Newbie needing help! Wiper motor wiring conversion

    Hi everyone, So I bought my first Cruiser, she's a 1983 60-Series and for the first week, the windshield wipers worked fine. Long story short the white nylon gear broke internally in my factory wiper motor rendering it useless and fortunately I was able to locate and purchase a used replacement...
  3. ItsUncleCruiser

    FJ62 88 Shorted and Ignition Switch Issue

    I recently acquired a short when swapping batteries on my 88 FJ62, and fried a few wires coming from the positive post of the battery. Since then it has not started up. Dumb mistake. First thing to note is that my IG fuse (7.5A) will blow after turning the key in the ignition switch to the...
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