window seals

  1. PuertoRico

    Power Window Seals

    Can anyone provide a link(s), advice/insight to new power window seals for all four power windows? I’m a new owner of a 2008 200 series land Cruiser and i’m just realizing they are all dry rotted and water is getting in when it rains
  2. W

    Door and window seals

    where can I find quality, new window and door seals for my '87 FJ60? Looking into getting the whole truck repainted and was hoping to replace all of he seals while it was apart…all and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. S

    For Sale 1994 FZJ 80 Land ruiser, Forest Green- 254,172 mi., and New OEM parts in Houston, Texas.

    For Sale, FZJ80 Land Cruiser- 1994 with 254,172 miles. in Houston, Texas from private owner that has no time to fix this baby up. I can use eBay to sell our extra parts or the vehicle in need be just let me know. I would like to sell these parts along with the vehicle, but am willing to sell...
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