wheel offset

  1. umman manda

    For Sale  Los Angeles - JDM -20 offset wheels (black)

    toyota 15x7JJ (-20) From what I’ve been able to research these are the stock wheels that come on JDM prados and the Hilux Surf At some point they have also been powder coated black, as I’ve only ever seen them in silver from the factory. asking $600 obo, would prefer local pick up, but could...
  2. M

    Negative or 0 wheel offset with flares? 200 series

    So I want a nice fat stance on my 200 series without having tyre rubbing issues (some minor cosmetic trimming will probably be needed though) I’m wondering what wheel off set is the limit on these, what people are running with flares? and if any major changes are required when using a wheel...
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