waterproof cover

  1. corleykj

    Trailgear low back seat covers from Cabelas

    Here is some info about the trailgear seat covers from Cabelas (about $60 for two shipped) for those mud members considering them as an addition to their fj40. I love the look of the factory black seats, but the summer sun quickly makes them uncomfortable for me and my family. I have been...
  2. TexYoung

    Weatherproof cover

    Where is the best place to get a waterproof cover for my FJ40? I have the hard top off and half doors and want something to keep the pouring rain out. Just looking for function not beauty. Thanks!
  3. Payara Offroad

    LC 80 SEAT COVERS - Water resistant fabric.

    Water Resistant SEAT COVER for Serie 80 Many colors available (Brown, Tan, Black, Gray, Blue "pepsi" ). Covers are made of a Polyester Water Resistant Fabric (NO NEOPRENE). The 2nd row covers allow to fold both parts individually, the arm rest won't be able to unfold.
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