water pump pulley

  1. robertbruce

    HJ47 2H Water Pump Pulley eating fan belts?

    My HJ47 2H Water Pump Pulley is eating fan belts, i think. WP bearing & shaft no movement. Fan Flange no warp. Pulley definetly has a slight warp in it. Can this be a spacer issue behind the flange? Or could new washers / seratted nuts fix this? Or does the pulley just warp anyway? What else can...
  2. J

    Wanted WTB Water Pump Pulley for 1HD-t

    Hi All, Noobie here, I have a '86 HJ60 that was repowered prior to me,with a 1HD-t. Had a local shop do some work and they lost the water pump pulley, arggg. found the part number , but my local Toyota dealer says that it's NLA. Anyone have one , new or used, that they would sell? thanks, Jeff...
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