1. Doc

    To replace? Or not to replace.... Dead washing machine

    This last weekend my trusty old Kenmore Elite front loader took a crap. I believe the unit is 12 years old, give or take a year. The front edge of the outer plastic tub (the part that catches the H2O during the spin cycle) is disintegrating because the actual washer tub is rubbing it. My guess...
  2. kletzenklueffer

    The devil went down to gawja with a washing machine

    Apparently washing machines keep pretty good time.
  3. btbowie

    Thought you might enjoy: Full interior/exterior 100 Series detailing. Link with tons of photos.

    Thought some of you might enjoy this: (Forgive the guy for saying it was ’97): "The Whole Enchilada" 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser gets it all - Honda-Tech I found this while looking up some cleaning hints/tips and info on giving my ’98’s paint some new life and getting rid of a water stain coming...
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