washer motor

  1. Vintagevibes

    For Sale  Headlight washer motor

    Headlight washer resevoir/ motor for FJ60. The resevoir is dry-rotted and cracked. Happy to remove resevoir and ship motor to save on shipping. $25.00 +shipping
  2. E5corn

    Washer Pump Rebuild 1991 FJ80

    Main windshield washer pump was non functional when I recently purchased my 1991 FJ80. Since a replacement is not only hard to come by but quite spendy I figured what’s the loss in trying to take it apart and see what failed... I used a pair of channel locks to break the glue seal on the top...
  3. JimmyMac

    Wanted  Windshield washer pump

    Looking for the top mounted pump to a 1970 FJ40 windshield washer bottle. I'm unsure of what year range fits, let me know what you got. THANKS!
  4. BombadeerPain

    1993 FZJ80R Rear Wiper and Washer Problems

    G'day this is my first post on the forums and I've been unable to find a thread that covers a couple of (minor) problems I've bumbled into. First off is only the button on the end of my wiper stalk causes the washer motor to run. Pulling the stalk forwards has the front wiper turn on but the...
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