1. C

    For Sale  Rock Warrior Wheels - Spares

    I bought these for a spare, and I have 3 left. One wheel is excellent, 1 has a small ding, and 1 small ding and a scratch. All center caps are faded. All are in good shape. All have TPMS. Local pickup $200 Shipped $250 Roanoke, Virginia Call or Text 540 330 8262
  2. Markuson

    SOLD  TRD Rock Warriors (4)

    Very nice set of 4. San Diego. $1100 I have new center caps on the way, which you can add at cost ($70) if you like. Without new caps: Here is how they look if you want new caps: Others will look like above, but here they are with existing caps. On this wheel, you can see a slight blemish...
  3. Markuson

    SOLD  *NICE* Rock Warriors

    (Available with or without tires) These are as nice a set of Rock Warriors as I’ve ever seen other than new in box. -3k miles only, then garaged since. -Brand new center caps (cost $70 & are included) -Brand new ring screws ($100+ & are included) -BFG KOs in 285/70/17 so few miles they have...
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