1. Stik11987

    Anyone running warn vr10 on arb deluxe bumper?

    Hi is anyone running the warn vr10 on an arb bumper? I bought a vr10s and was going to purchase the ARB3411050 bumper but am worried about compatibility. And yes I know I goofed on buying the winch first. A sale got the better of me!
  2. MrBG

    For Sale Like new Warn 96815: Warn VR10-S Winch

    Selling a warn vr-10s winch. Never used, recently installed by the PO of the ‘81 BJ40 I just purchased. Still has the factory manual and decals. Heavy duty synthetic line. Retails for $769, looking to get $650. I don’t have use for a winch on the new BJ as I don’t plan on doing any hardcore...
  3. danthman114

    Warn vr10000 question

    I just got my winch in the other day and immediately clocked it for install in an arb bumper. After I was done I noticed about 1/8" of side to side movement on the spool. Could be 3/16. Is this normal? Everything went together how it should. I didn't pay attention before I started...
  4. danthman114

    Warn VR10000 and arb bullbar.

    Searched around and couldn't find what I was looking for. I did however find something on a 100 series but not really the same. I was curious about the vr10k and mounting to the arb. Can you relocate the control pack on those and most importantly, will it mount to the bumper?
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