voltage meter

  1. NeverGiveUpYota

    Dual Peg...

    My dominating wench... I mean, truck gave me the double finger today and I came near to an MI while getting to the side of the hw at the same time. Scenerio... 65mph, raining, wipers on, lights, CD player, heat on med... Noted alt gauge fluttering from 12-10-12. When the peg of the water temp...
  2. rugerberetta

    voltage too high pegs my voltage meter at or near 60mph or 3000 rpms

    I have q 71 FJ40 with the F engine it does have a painless wiring harness and Dolphin gauges. I was on my why home from a trip out west from St louis after driving straight through from Brice Canyon NP I made it to KC during rush hour. It was getting light out so I turned off my headlights my...
  3. LC1979

    lots of dash lights

    New to posting to the forum. Great site and has been lots of help. I have a issue with my 1992 Land Cruiser. Today as I was pulling into my driveway I had three dash lights come on at the same time. The A/T oil light, the "Brake" light and red light on the voltmeter. My digital gauge was...
  4. hamishpotter

    Voltage meter that fits stock switch plate / location?

    Hey All, I've done some digging and so far only found scan gages and other, non stock switch location fitting voltage meters. Does anyone make a voltage meter that fits into stock dash switch locations?
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