1. Ohanlon

    VIP RS3000--where's the ECU?

    Dear Friends at IH8, anyone know where the heck they put the ECU on the port/dealer installed VIP RS3000 security system in a 1998 FZJ75??? Mine is NOT under the driver's seat, it is NOT visible when the stereo head unit is out, it is NOT visible through the ashtray, and I did not see any sign...
  2. Ohanlon

    Wanted Remote for 1998 Toyota VIP alarm/keyless entry.

    I finally installed aftermarket alarm... working well now. This truck had an alarm with no beeper or remote... kind of a pain. Sincerely, Mike
  3. Ohanlon

    1998 FZJ75 (troopy) VIP Security system questions...

    Y'all were VERY helpful with my first question, so I'm gonna throw a harder one out here-- We have a 98 troopy (as in title) and it has a Toyota VIP alarm system, but the peace corps, or one of the previous owners, has conveniently lost the remote. Do any of y'all know how I can tell if this...
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