vader light

  1. mccaleb77

    SOLD Utah - Vader light

    Vader light and switch. OEM parts. $450 thanks, Mike
  2. Krondor

    Vader Light hood reproduction

    Hey guys, I had some interest in making another batch of vader light hoods. Just wanted to throw out a feeler to see if anyone else is interested in one. I would like to hit my minimum order so I am not sitting on stock for the next year +. Feel free to post on this thread or send me a...
  3. Krondor

    SOLD Reproduction Early interior light (Vader Light)

    Price $100 each. I am currently selling reproduction Early FJ40 interior light covers. I have had my Darth Vader light cover 3D scanned and had the light covers metal 3D printed out of steel. The light covers will fit over the original light base. It is about .4mm thicker due to 3D printing...
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