1. FishTown

    "All-Electric Sport Utility Truck" - Bollinger Motors

    Feel free to move this if the admin doesn't think it should be here, but I'm curious to know what the 60 community thinks about this company that is coming out with the "first all-electric 4x4 sport utility vehicle." Bollinger Motors I'm not a big electric car guy, but this is super...
  2. B H

    SOLD High Country 5' x 8' 1001MP Kayak - Adventure Trailer - HC5x8KE (Austin, TX)

    Selling a like new HC5x8KE Kayak / Adventure / Utility trailer. Tires have 1000 miles worth of wear. Trailer was purchased from a dealer in South Dakota, driven to Texas, and never utilized due to reasons not related to the trailer. Always stored in carport. Trailer is in great shape. Color is...
  3. ethernectar

    For Sale ARE DCU Utility Cap/Shell

    This shell has been on my 2012 Tundra for a few years. It is very functional and practical. I've used it a lot for camping and hauling equipment. I'm going to be moving to a pop-up camper in the future so need to find a new home for this one. 6-1/2' bed Rear door opens up to provide...
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