1. A

    Opinion wanted: JDM Mitsubishi Strada L200 in the USA

    How would one feel about owning the ONLY Mitsubishi Strada L200 pickup in the USA? There is a JDM one on eBay currently and it looks to be in pretty good shape overall. Seller sent a video and it sounds good. Being that I have just sold my daily driver JDM Land Cruiser HJ61, I was considering it...
  2. T

    Unusual message on startup

    I have an '05 100 series that has been pretty solid. It started up fine this morning, but I saw something on the screen right after starting I had never seen before. It was a message with a picture of a cd/dvd disc and a bar graph that worked its way across the screen over a few seconds. The...
  3. ravenholm

    OM606.692 Turbodiesel into FJ40 (SBC Swap)

    OM606TD with NV4500/Orion into a 1969ish FJ40 Hi! I've been working on an interesting swap. I haven't documented it thus far becuase my time limited and there is a deadline on the rig being running. However, I wanted to get the bullet points down and post them in case anyone else is pursueing a...
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