turn signal fix

  1. 713Ace

    Turn signals out

    Went off-roading to Wheeler lake yesterday. Truck did great but now my turn signals and hazards are out. Dead all around. No green arrows inside. No clicking and no light outside. Maybe a loose wire because it momentarily worked but I lost it again
  2. D

    Flasher (turn signal) not working - try this first

    so my turn indicator stoped flashing on right side front and back. Lights came on but just didn’t flash on right side. I changed front right bulb (it was black, yet lit up ) and problem solved So ....non flashing on one side can be a sign of one faulty bulb even if said bulb lights up (but...
  3. klinetime574

    Turn Signal Fix using parts from a 1983 Toyota Pickup

    After discovering the blinker switch/ turn signal switch was discontinued, I was determined to fix my blinkers. I thought about it for a long time. Then I remembered reading something related. I searched and found THIS thread. Not sure what year truck @woytovich got that off of. I was flipping...
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