1. sethzilla

    Official 2017 Turf-n-Surf November 10-12

    Hello Cruiserheads, Time for another California Beach Party with all of your Land Cruiser friends! Since we had great attendance on Veterans Day last year we have opted to do it again on the same weekend this year. Come on out for a 3 day weekend of good times in the sand. New stuff...
  2. sethzilla

    Turf-N-Surf 2015

    UPDATE! WEBSITE IS UPDATED! GO CHECK IT OUT! Guess who's on the shirt this year. . . http://centralcoastlandcruisers.com/turf-n-surf/about/ Are you ready to do it all over again????? We had a great turn out at TnS 2014, so time to input your vacation requests and get the LandCruiser ready for...
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