turbo noise

  1. S

    Odd Turbo Noise

    I have an HDJ81. A month or two ago my turbo, or I at least believe it is my turbo, started to make an odd clicking noise. Once I hit about 6 psi the clicking starts. I have checked the turbo to see if there is any axial or radial play and if the fan spins smoothly and all seems well- I did have...
  2. Fey1

    Turbo Noise / Whistle (well sounds more like scraping)

    Hello all, Got my 12HT installed, and fixed an exhaust leak on the Manifold at the #1 cylinder. Everything pre-turbo is no really nice and tight as far as I can see. However, I am having a bit of noise from the turbo, not all the time, but the conditions in which it happens are easily...
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