tundra brake upgrade

  1. TeCKis300

    Tundra Brake Upgrade Help

    So it's time to do a front brake job. Instead of just replacing with fresh parts, I'm going to do the Tundra brake upgrade. As I understand it, this requires Tundra front rotors, and Tundra front brake calipers. All else is bolt on. It even uses the same pad as the 200 Land Cruiser (LX570 in...
  2. J

    Strawberry milkshake

    Add another strawberry milkshake to the list... I have a 2001 4runner I bought in October with 148k miles. Had every intention of getting an external trans cooler this spring but failure beat me to the "preventative repair" I had planned... I bought a master rebuild kit from the dealer and have...
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