1. M

    Transfer case gasket job. Need 2nd opinions

    Noticed my 94 kzj78 had a pretty bad leak in the transfer case. Took it to my mechanic and he said it looks like the gasket is bad between transmission and transfer case and it’s dumping transmission fluid into the T case and it’s basically overflowing it and dumping out and that’s why it’s...
  2. Andrewfj40

    Automátic transmisión FJ 40 of fj62

    Hello everyone. I'm working on my FJ 40 and I want to change it's transmission for an FJ 62 automatic transmission. Do you have any suggestions? Please check out all the photos.
  3. ClassicLCfan

    Mating H55F with Diesel B Engine in a 1978 BJ40

    A few months ago I had bought a 5 speed transmission Toyota's H55F, which luckily I got with the correct top plate installed. Advantage is that I didn't have to cut the interior transmission cover. As per the seller, it came off a later model 40 series. I have not been able to supervise the...
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