transfer case rattle

  1. BGlynn19

    '74 Transfer Case Rattle

    I have done extensive research to try and avoid having to post on this but I'm at a complete loss. Above 25mph I get a buzz/ rattle from that area of my transfer case in my 1974 FJ40. The sound goes away if I just push down on the shifter ever so lightly. I have gone through the entire...
  2. Navyator

    Rattle is driving me crazy

    Hey all, I've had this annoying rattle for a while now, and I just can't seem to find the cause. I'm trying to post videos of the noise, so we'all see how that goes. I only seem to hear the rattle when in drive. Revving in neutral or park does nothing. That being said, I put it up on a lift...
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