toyota 13bt

  1. J

    1986 Toyota BJ74 Project - My First Cruiser

    Hello to anyone reading along here. Well where should I start... this is my first time posting pretty well anything of significance online so please bare with me while I figure this all out haha. 2 years ago I made the move from the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada to the magnificent coast of...
  2. A

    For Sale  New Zealand- 13BT engine, gearbox with transfercase and PTO unit for sale

    Hi, I have a 13BT engine which needs a rebuild as one of the piston chipped on the edge. I has the gearbox with transfer case and also has the PTO attached. The gearbox is still in good condition. Comes out of 1988 Toyota BJ74. Done 250.000km. power steering and alternator rebuild by previous...
  3. African Hunter

    Colour Help

    Good day everyone. I just rebuild my cruiser made a conversion of 75/80 series pick up truck. Need to repaint it but need advice on the following. 1. Would like to repaint it in Matter colour, which one is the best matte colour between the following. 4E9 Sandy Taupe or RAAL 1001 or Quick Sand...
  4. Y

    13BT vacuum problem

    Hi guys, when I shut off the engine, there is a 5 second delay and some weird squishing noise. A friend of mine pull out a hose and start pumping and there's presents of engine oil as shown in the video. The problem is we don't know how did the engine oil get in. Please help. Thanks a million.
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