tow bumper

  1. samtoddlee


    TOW PACKAGE FOR FJ62: Don't need the tow bar as I got a Kaymar with an integrated hitch. $40 for the tow package not pictured. I'm in N Peoria in the NW corner of Phoenix. Local Pickup on this it's an odd size to ship.
  2. U

    Towing my new fj40

    Hello, I am new to the forum, but was hoping someone here has experience with towing their fj40 that may help me. I intend to purchase a 69 with SBC already installed. It has a tow bar also and I need to get it home from LA to San Diego (@150 miles). So my questions is, can I tow it with my 97...
  3. spaldam

    Flat Towing an '07 Auto FJ Cruiser 4x4

    I've got an '07 automatic tranny, and am looking at what it takes to flat tow it behind a C class. Looks like it can be done, and all I should have to do it disconnect the rear-drive shaft while leaving the tranny in park, and the transfer case in "H". However, it looks like I still need a lot...
  4. AdlerGSD

    HJ60 Ambulance door problem/question

    I just aquired an awesome HJ60 that used to belong to @apocalypsegrrrl and @englechad .. One of my favorite features of the Aussie truck is that it has ambulance doors in the back. My wife and I want to install a tow bumper with a swing out tire and gasoline rack. But with the ambulance doors...
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