top bows

  1. peterkcc

    For Sale  Aftermarket (besttop) soft top bows $50

    I got these with a bunch of parts from a guy. He said they were brand new but had been sitting in a barn for years. He had the soft top but mice ate through it everywhere. It comes with the bows and windshield piece. $50 +shipping.
  2. Speed King

    For Sale  Top bows FJ40 - Colorado

    I have a set of top bows I purchased for my 81 FJ40. Never took them out of the box and ended up selling the truck. $850 shipped CONUS. *SOLD*
  3. A

    Wanted  FST Door Top Bows

    Have a '71 FJ40 factory soft top (FST) with original top bows EXCEPT I am missing the pieces that form the top of the door frames. These "door top bows" connect the top of the B-pillar posts to the top corners of the windshield. I'm looking for original pieces. Real Steel Cruisers makes nice...
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