1. Yellow Jacket

    SOLD OME 861/862 + Tokico Shocks for 80 series (Eastern PA)

    SOLD. $300 + shipping from 19355 OBO Shoot me a PM with offers if this isn't a fair price. All components have ~20K miles on them. Very little rust. Stickers still on the coils. No issues at all. Rode smooth and gave me a slight lift. This is the "stock" height kit, but actually adds...

    1991 - Tokico Shock Part Numbers

    Hey guys, Getting ready to put OME stock height springs the FJ80 and wondered if anyone knew the correct part numbers for the Tokico shocks. My local dealer had 48511-69187 - front 48531-69256 - rear Any other shocks you would recommend for a truck that spends 90% of its miles on asphalt...
  3. jet200

    How tall is this lift?

    I finally replaced the craptacular shocks the PO installed with some sweet Tokico's (thanks @beno). Not only is the truck riding better than ever, it seems taller. When we put on the new shocks we noticed that the springs were OME, but since applying winter weatherproofing, I can't tell if...
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