timing issues

  1. Tajf95

    HJ45 injector pump reinstalled now not starting

    Hi all. This is my 1st thread but I'm getting severely desperate for ideas so im gonna describe this in as much detail as i can as i can't afford a diesel mechanic. So i have a 1980 HJ45 (H engine), recently noticed leaky welsh plugs behind the IP, removed the EDIC motor & IP, replaced the...
  2. B

    FJ60 won't start, backfires from carb

    Alright Cruiserheads, I have just finished my rebuild on my 1984 FJ60. I am beyond excited to start the 2F for the first time. I turn the key and she just turns over and over and then a puff of smoke from the carb. I think maybe I am 180 degrees out. So, I try to pull the distributor and rotate...
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