1. Jollywood

    Tercel starter question

    Ive got a 1995 tercel 1.5 with a sticky starter. Ordered one from Rock. It looks different. I know there was a "cold package" available on some models and mine is not one of them. Can I run this "cold package" starter in my southern car or is there something critical i'm missing?
  2. fj40z

    Well well Tercel

    So this Toyota sickness is really getting out of hand. For some strange reason I have always liked older 4wd Tercels so I picked one up this morning. With the 80 being down for an unknown amount of time I needed something that I can DD along with my old Jetta. I found this one in WV, it's...
  3. hglouis

    what ps pump is this?

    Hey guys, here's a mash of ps components I collected around 5 yrs ago. I'm finally getting around to this project and been reading all the associated threads. I intended to do the mini truck setup as I've done before myself on a 78 FJ. I do have the box bracket from JTO (not in picture) in my...
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