1. landbruiser859

    SOLD Tuff Stuff RTT $900

    Tuff Stuff rooftop tent Have had it for about a year now. Have only used it a handful of times. Sleeps 2 comfortably up top (3 if you want to get cozy!) Complete with side annex around the ladder, mattress + vapor barrier Great condition $1k takes it
  2. Richfj60

    craigslist CVT Tent for sale

    Not mine. I would buy it, but Momma won't let me. CVT Mt. Shasta with annex $1500 Anacortes WA CVT Mt Shasta Roof Top Tent with Annex
  3. Ali M

    Awning that installs on 200 and 100?

    I am wondering if there is a brand that fits both body styles that I can switch between both trucks.
  4. Nezzar

    anyone ever heard of this brand?

    **UPDATE** Seller posted new picture with "Hunter Vehicle Roof Top Tents". Any information would be great. Thank you! Found a used roof top tent for sale. Only markings on it say tentontop@cs.com. The logo looks like a generic 4x4 with a rtt on top and a ladder coming down. It's a heavy...
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