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    Broken Clips on Tailgate mat cover

    While fixing a water leak I noticed two clips were broken off the tailgate mat cover in my lx470 so no it won't securely fasten. Is there a remedy without spending $300 on a new piece? Part # is 5857460060A1 and pics below Thanks

    Wits' End 200 Series Tailgate Lid and Shenanigans

    Well, I know there are others that are probably looking to make a tailgate lid for the 200 but I'm going to move forward on my vision for it since I walked away from doing it for the 80s. There are more than a few things to work out concerning making and installing a tailgate lid for the 200s...

    Wits' End for the 200 World

    Hey folks! I'm usually in the 60 and 80 Series forums but I've had my eye on a 200 Series for some time. I had a neighbor that was going to be selling me his 2009 but that fell thru last Nov so I'll be on the hunt again soon. In the meantime I was trying to figure out what I was going to build...
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