1. cruiserjunktion

    Pig Party 2018 T shirt Sale

    Although the design hasn’t been 100% finialized, I’m now taking orders for Pig Party ‘18 shirts. You do not need to attend the event to buy a shirt. Shirts are $10 each delivered to the event or $15 each + $3 shipping to those who would like a shirt(s) mailed to them. I will leave this poll...
  2. Cruiser Jimmy

    The North Face 60 T-Shirt

    Just throwing it out there. MEN'S SHORT-SLEEVE OFF ROAD TRI-BLEND TEE | United States
  3. mmw68

    BACK IN STOCK! The Original FJ40 Blueprint design!

    Updated for 2016 - The FJ40 Blueprint t-shirts! Click link for ordering info: FJ40 Blueprint T-shirt Land Cruiser - Front of shirt: "Land Cruiser" in script, with the words "Toyota Land Cruiser - Engineered For Life" under it. - Back of Shirt: Blueprint drawing for the FJ40. - The shirts...
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