synthetic rope

  1. V

    Attaching synthetic rope to Warn 8274 winch

    Everyone, I bought a 95' 1/2 synthetic rope for my Warn 8274 winch. It's too thick to fit through the hole on the winch spool to secure it. is there a way to safely attach the rope with having to use the hole on the spool? The end of the rope has a nice protective covering for the first section...
  2. MScruiser

    Warn M12000 Recondition

    I scored a used Warn M12000 a few weeks ago, and this is what it looked like: The winch came from one of the city's utility trucks (Energy in Jackson, MS) that was bought at auction. These trucks are usually fitted with winches out of principle, but they are rarely if ever used. This one was...
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