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  1. HardCase


    1979 FJ40. My headlights are not working but other lights are. I could have hit something while working under the dash and speedometer. Or in the engine compartment carburetor area as well as radiator wiring or hose area. It’s been keeping me busy. Now this!! Seems specific to just the headlights.
  2. hamishpotter

    Voltage meter that fits stock switch plate / location?

    Hey All, I've done some digging and so far only found scan gages and other, non stock switch location fitting voltage meters. Does anyone make a voltage meter that fits into stock dash switch locations?
  3. S

    Turn Signal / Combination Switch replacement

    I need help on a combination switch problem from RHD to LHD well here it goes, I got a HDJ81V-RNPEX 1HDT RHD converted to LHD. The part number for the turn/combination switch assembly with cruise control is 84310-6A080 which the left lever would be the wiper control and the headlight would be...
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