swingout bumper

  1. E

    For Sale  Slee dual swingout for 100/LX470

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Location: Ben Wheeler, TX Price: $2,200 Trades: Complete 80 series lift and cash 850J/863 W/L's or similar Hey guys. I have a Slee swingout from my 100 that I will be replacing with another stock bumper (Thanks Duggy!). My wife and I swapped her 97 LX for my 99 100 series...
  2. lgrt

    GX470 Rear Swing Out Bumper - Reason #5 I need a Lexus

    I was lucky enough to spend the day at Metal Tech 4x4 when they were installing the Pegasus, their new rear swing out bumper for the Lexus GX470. It is definitely the most innovative bumper out their for the GX.
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