1. lgrt

    Installing Rear Swing-Out Bumper - Metal Tech Pegasus for GX470

    For those of you considering the Metal Tech 4x4's new rear swing-out bumper, the Pegasus, or are waiting for your order to show up, here is the installation video showing just how simple it is. We spent most of the day and into the night, take after take to ensure we captured each of the steps...
  2. Berzerker76

    Modified OEM mud guards with a Slee double swing-out rear bumper?

    Like the title says, is anyone running the OEM mud flaps with the Slee dual swing-out rear bumper? I'm wondering if it's even possible to run them if trimmed. Thought I'd check and see if anyone has done this successfully before I start cutting up a perfectly decent set. If anyone has done...
  3. Markuson

    SLEE 200 Bumper Photos...! *UPDATE!*

    EDIT: NOTE...this post was from quite some time back, and the Slee design underwent significant updates since the first "spy photos." Read this thread as an "unfolding design" ...and look toward PAGE 13 of this thread to see the bumper's FINAL FORM. ;) -Markuson ------------ Original Post...
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