supercharger install

  1. S

    Torque Pro or OBD2 scanner data logging

    I am preparing to install a TRD SuperCharger on my 2000 LC. Bought a OBD2 scanner and I am using Torque Pro to monitor/log data. Any advise on what/how to monitor specifically to identify any existing issues with the engine/fuel system that might be aggravated by a SC? I have been monitoring...
  2. Aliveiride

    Need help from someone who's installed TRD supercharger on 80 series

    I removed the SC from 96 LX450 to send it out to be serviced (unknown # of miles on it and Eaton recommends service at 60K intervals) and I'm having problems re-installing it. I did not originally install the kit and while I enjoy the benefits of added HP, I am amazed how s***ty the design of...
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