super swampers

  1. Silicon 70

    For Sale  36x12.50 IROKs Super Swampers mounted on beadlocks - $1500

    I have a set of wheels and tires that I was going to use for a project, but plans have changed. The tires still have the nubs on them since they've never been used. The wheels are 15x7 with bead lock rings welded on. 3 of them kept outside for a couple of months and got rained on. A little dirty...
  2. G

    Are these used Super Swampers worth pursuing?

    I've been eyeing this nice Japanese truck with Super Swampers lately: Akihito Chano (@chabohouse62v) • Instagram photos and videos And these 285/75/16 tires popped up locally: 285/75/16 super swampers irok nd with rims and hub caps Wheels are cheap Jegs Baja 8 steelies that should be 16x8 with...
  3. cbmontgo

    Old style Super Swampers NLA?

    So I'm about to pull the trigger on tires for my FJ40 project and want to go back with 34 x 10.50 Super Swampers as I've had before. But, I see conflicting data on whether or not the old style is still available (without the sidewall tread). Does anyone know if they can be ordered old style...
  4. L

    For Sale  (pa) 37'' nitto mud grappler on 6 bolt wheels from fj80 - $1200

    i have 6 nitto mud grapplers 37x13.5x18 on vrock vr3 18 in rims very good tread .5 wheels total and one loose tire . These were on a project landcruiser fj80 i purchased looking to go a different route .
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