1. Pierce

    Minor engine studder at 3-4 lbs of boost

    I’m requesting wisdom. 1997 year model with supercharger. When I am cruising at 70-80 miles per hour and reach 3-4lbs of boost there is a minor intermittent studder. It only lasts a second and might only happen 2-3 times. I’m wondering if anyone has some insight. It feels like a miss. I put a...
  2. Wompom

    Transmission Lag After Hard Braking

    1996 FZJ80 I noticed on a road trip a few weeks ago that after hard braking (almost enough to kick in ABS), the transmission seems to lag. I thought nothing of it until yesterday another Seattle idiot cut me off and i had to slam my brakes again to stop. The RPMs go up, then all of a sudden it...
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